5 Natural Products for a Silky Skin

5 Natural Products for a Silky Skin

1. Almond oil

Function: Body Moisturizer


How: After showering, while the body is still wet, apply it all over the skin like you would with a lotion.

Why: Almond oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which is easily absorbed by the skin and provides it a natural moisturizing layer.


Warning: If you suffer from nut allergies, avoid using almond oil, warns expert. For other oils, first apply a few drops on the inside of the elbow to make sure you are not allergic.


Honey Mask for Acne: Facial Argan Oil 2. Argan oil

Function: Facial moisturizer, anti wrinkle

How to: Heat the oil and use it to massage your face.


3. Castor oil

Function: Acne Treatment

How: Local treatment of affected areas. Use daily for a few weeks. Decrease the frequency as redness and inflammation disappear.

The reason: The acid contained in the castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Although it seems very logical to put oil on acne-prone skin, this will help.


4. Coconut Oil

Function: Make the hair soft and shiny

How: Massage the scalp with coconut oil hazelnut.

Why: The acid in coconut oil has a molecular structure that allows it to penetrate the center of the hair, according to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science.


5. Jojoba oil

Function: Cleansing

How: Place five drops of oil on a wet cotton wool and gently remove makeup.

Why: Jojoba oil dissolves makeup without irritating eyes.



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