Best acne treatment beside honey

Best acne treatment beside honey


Honey is known for its many benefits. They are different depending on the type of honey, but its healing power is common.

It can be used pure or applied to the skin by mixing it with a little lemon. The combination of honey-apple is often encountered in the treatment of acne.


When it comes to preparing yourself acne mask, turmeric is best known ingredient. It is known for its ability to nourish the skin and remove facial scars. For oily skin, just mix turmeric with rose water until a paste. Another combination is to mix lemon juice.

Turmeric is used for the treatment of skin diseases for a long time, especially in India, it has also proved very effective against diseases such as scabies.

He recognizes many health benefits, even anti-cancer, some of which are still validation phase

Fruits and vegetables

Homemade remedies also involve fruits and vegetables that can be simply sliced or pulped.

Most commonly used in the treatment of acne are cucumber and potato. Often thinly sliced and then applied to the face where the affected areas.

Grape juice and orange are also very popular in treatments against acne applied massage.

But prefer fresh juices!

Baking soda

Can be quite considering getting a mask of baking soda to combat skin impurities associated with acne. First and foremost, we must properly wash your face, then using a mild cleanser, clean finish to the skin of the face. Then, mix baking soda with water to obtain a preparation slightly thickened, and then applies it on the face. This mixture will help your precious skin to absorb all the problems related to acne.

The Oatmeal

We would imagine maybe not, but oatmeal is well suited to the preparation of a face mask. To achieve this, mix a small amount of oatmeal with water until a smooth cream. Then apply it gently on your skin and let rest there for 15 minutes. It is important to remember to put warm water not to offend the skin with temperatures that do not suit him. Then, be sure to rinse the skin with lukewarm water and dry well. This remedy is ideal for acne rosacea.

For baking soda, its use will be more to relieve the itching and redness caused by acne. You should know that this preparation was first used to relieve bee stings.

This is known as a cleanser is actually the equivalent of a pumice stone. There are now other materials to obtain the same result, that is why I use the term more readily cleanser.

Today, there are even lotions that cleanse the face as a form of exfoliation. You can find them at a pharmacy or drugstore without any difficulty. Well ask your pharmacist for it gives you a product that is not in cons-indication with acne. The advantage of these products is that they help to clean the skin pores while ridding dead skin and bacteria.

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