Advantages of using Manuka Honey for the face

Advantages of using Manuka Honey for the face

Manuka Honey

Let me ask you a simple question. How many facials have you tried in the past? Now, if you have not had the opportunity to use honey for face, you’re missing out on one of the best options available. Using a gel for the face with manuka honey brings a whole new light to your skin and your overall health.


Every day we come into contact with many people. Whether we are talking with colleagues, servers in a local restaurant, or even service stations and shops, everyone looks at your face. Each time contact is made, they notice things that are irrelevant. This is just one of many reasons why having beautiful skin and youthful looking is important.



Remember when you were younger and acne could not be contained? When stain is gone, another started somewhere, right? This can be a huge problem and insecurity dampens self-esteem. However, with multiple natural ingredients that go into a honey facial that I am about to share with you today, your body will enjoy all the benefits of a face gel manuka honey.


What is Kaolin?

One thing to understand about honey facial is kaolin is the most important ingredient. If you have oily skin, Kaolin absorbs oil effectively and even pulls dirt and grime is removed from the skin. Just think of it as a wet cleans the skin where the gel is applied.


Drying out effect

Most Of facial products today offer only one way to cure the problem. Sure, they work against skin problems and acne others, but at the cost of other questions. When using honey for face, his goal is to moisturize and hydrate the skin. To do this, natural ingredients such as macadamia oil and Shea butter are crucial.


What is Active Manuka Honey?

Okay, back to the active manuka honey as it is in the name. Although the benefits of stimulating the immune system play an important role, it is also a powerful anti-oxidant. Keep in mind there is a difference between manuka honey “active” and regular manuka honey. This natural ingredient must be active in order to rejuvenate the skin.


The skin hydration Ultimate Combo

If you put all these ingredients together, and add others as allantoin, which soothes the skin, you will have the ultimate combination of your face with honey. A good solid gel face Manuka Honey is composed of 11 ingredients in all, and each of them is healthy for your skin and body.

07. June 2013 by Honey Mask for Acne
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