Apple and honey mask

Apple and honey mask

Apple and honey mask – how to prepare a honey and apple mask

It is a simple and ordinary remedy for acne commonly called pimples. Whisk until facemask and give your skin a luxury that will cure the acne without leaving you with dry skin.


Step 1: mash an apple into a smooth paste, it is recommended to apply a robot to crush the apple rather than your hands.

Step 2: Mix 4 tablespoons of honey in the apple pulp to create a paste. Rub the mixture on your face and let it cool for about 10 minutes.


Step 3: Clean the mask using warm water. Thereafter, use an oil free moisturizer just to rub it on your face.


Another way to prepare a mask with honey and apple

Acne is a problem that the majority of adolescents and young adults suffers from. Most people desire for a smooth and soft skin. However, acne or pimples are normally cluttering the image. But, with a very easy homemade, you should be able to get rid of acne problems once and for all and end up with a beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.

A recipe is an effortless acne facial mask made from apple and honey. The mixture is very useful to remove acne on the face and the best part of it all is that it will not leave you with dry skin.



You will need the following items:





Steps for using acne face mask 

Follow these procedures to create your own face mask at home using apple and honey.

Carefully remove the skin of an apple. Crush the apple to get a smooth paste. A food processor can help you to create the desired pulp.

Place the apple pulp in a bowl and add about 4 c. soups to refine natural. Stir the mixture well to make a fine paste.

Rub this mixture on your face and neck that have acne. Freshen up for about ten minutes.

Clean your face with warm water. While washing the paste out of your face, you may notice it’s sticky, as such, make sure that you rinse your face thoroughly.

Thereafter, use a moisturizer to apply on your face. Oil-free moisturizer is recommended.

In order to achieve the desired result, repeat this procedure at least twice a week for the next two months


Tips & Warnings

Do not apply facial mask if you know that your skin reacts badly to any of these ingredients.

If you experience irritation or a burning sensation after rubbing the face mask, make sure to rinse it immediately.

Honey is useful in cooling and soothing the skin because it contains an ordinary moisturizing.

Apple is used as it plays the role of an ordinary exfoliate. It poses a chemical called glycolic acid which helps to keep the pores open, such as minimizing the amount of acne on the face.

It is simple enough to rub the mask acne home using an apple and honey because it is readily available on the market. In addition, steps are not difficult to follow.

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