Benefits of honey on the skin

Benefits of honey on the skin

Honey to sweeten, honey to heal, to get beautiful honey … Beehive opens its doors and reveals his other secrets: royal jelly, propolis, pollen.

The delicious honey amber and gold, is the result of the synergy of the sun, the flower and the industrious bee. Its benefits are numerous. It shares in the hive with royal jelly, propolis and pollen. Explore the delights of apitherapy, which is almost a “happy therapy”…

Benefits of honey on the skin

The result of the work of the bee

Never forget that the bees are at the top of the chain of life: it is thanks to them that the Earth gives us fruit. Einstein said, “If the bee disappears from the world, man will have more than four years to live.”

But today, the bees are endangered and disappearing by the millions, for various reasons, including the use of pesticides, but also by the loss of their habitat, and the practice of fallow.

You can participate in your ladder to heal their bees ‘drone’ in your garden by planting flowers bees like sage, mint, lemon balm, lavender field of flowers, and of course refraining from spraying insecticides on your plants, leaving too few wild flowers grow. ”


Honey is one with propolis, royal jelly and pollen, bee products used in apitherapy. Its nutritional benefits and cosmetics, as well as its therapeutic properties are recognized.

Honey from the nectar of flowers, a 100% natural product, is used to sweeten and heal.

Honey is a substance produced by bees, mostly from the nectar of flowers, and sometimes honeydew harvested him on trees such as spruce or basswood, and produced by aphids.

According to the work of Heinrich to produce 500 g of honey, bees must collect nectar flowers 8700000 or 7000 hours of work for workers!

The different honeys

The characteristics of the honey are highly variable depending on its origin. Thus, more honey is darker. It is full-bodied and rich in minerals. Honeys rich in fructose liquid will crystallize and do not, unlike honey rich in glucose solidify rapidly (to liquefy crystallized honey, just heat it slightly in a water bath).

We distinguish honey all flowers and flower honeys, including:

– Honey clear: clover, lavender, rape, acacia (liquid), rosemary…

– Golden honey: orange, eucalyptus…

– Honey dark fir, chestnut, buckwheat…

Finally, there are organic honeys: harvesting takes place according to a precise specification, and the bees foraged flowers not exposed to pesticides.

Honey is a 100% natural product, long used as a sweetener at a time when the sugar cane or beet sugar was not known in Europe.

It provides many vitamins and minerals, in addition to simple sugars: glucose and fructose essentially assimilated quickly and easily, perfect for athletes, children, the sick and convalescent. It also contains fewer calories than sugar (it contains 17% water and 25% less calories) for a higher sweetening power.

About the glycemic index of honey, it depends on the plant from which it is derived.

Thus, fructose rich honey like acacia honey has a glycemic index lower than honeys rich in glucose as rape or clover, and cause a smaller increase in blood sugar.

The therapeutic properties of honey have long been recognized: the honey has been used as medicine for centuries, and even today, the return to alternative medicine makes its letters of nobility to apitherapy, the fact of treatment with bee products (honey, pollen, royal jelly and also propolis).

Honey to cure

The virtues of honey are known to treat digestive ailments, respiratory ailments, giving at the same time appeasing tone to overcome poor sleep and insomnia.

Digestive ailments

Rosemary honey facilitates drainage liver, due to its stimulating effect on the liver.

The stomach ulcer, gastroenteritis are soothed by lavender honey.

Acacia honey provides digestive comfort, being slightly laxative in case of transit lazy. Digestion is facilitated through amylases: enzymes for the digestion of starch.


Honey is a good antiseptic owing to the presence of formic acid and inhibins: natural antibiotics that inhibit the growth of bacteria but does not destroy it.

Its properties are known always on the sore throat, flu states. The honey tree, and lavender, for example, have a soothing effect on convulsive cough and asthma.

The honey thyme and eucalyptus are beneficial for respiratory infections, or urinary tract.

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