The clear acne with honey

Clear Acne With Honey

Acne is a skin problem and usually begins during puberty in both sexes. One of the reasons that cause acne is the hormonal changes that occur at this age. It is often observed as black spots on the pores of face, neck and back. Often followed by an additional acne infection leads to the formation of pus pimples.

Be careful when handling!

When treated properly acne can cause serious problems. Thus, it is forbidden to press the buttons, especially those living on the face. Youth need to know that these actions could affect the central nervous system of the body and cause meningitis.

The reason behind is that the flow of the veins in the skin vessels of the brain called sinusitis. This way, when pressing the mentally pus can easily go through the veins to the sinuses and veins structural brain.

Incorrect treatment of the skin also hides another problem – an infection called sepsis that affects the whole body. Meningitis and septicemia are life threatening, but it is important to know that when treated properly forms Juvenil Acne Vulgaris could be easily avoided.

What Honey Products Gives Good Results in the Treatment of Acne?

Masks with pure nectarine bee

It is recommended to buy honey directly from the producer and not form the store. Also, do not try to mix an already crystallized, as it may reduce its healing properties. Just know that if skin contact temperature is about 36C degrees of thin honey mix and instantly provide all its benefits.

The procedure

Here are three procedures of honey to make your skin clear and beautiful!

Wash your skin with water and mild soap. It is better that the soap is enriched with honey. Dry thoroughly without irritation and put a thin layer of honey. Wait 1 hour and wash gently with warm water. Do it twice a day for 15 days.

The buttons can also be treated for a period of 15 days with a 30% solution of propolisis mind.

Boys 3times a day, take 1 teaspoon of honey mixed with honey bloom 1 hour before lunch

Girls: 3times a day, take 1 teaspoon of honey mixed with honey milk 1 hour before lunch

Types of honey

Here is a list of popular types of honey and their benefits:

Linden honey offers first-class quality – it has the yellow light goes easily with crystals and has a specific flavor. It is used for inhalation in the fight against breathing problems. Also has a positive effect on the intestines and kidneys.

Acacia honey is considered one of the best honeys – transparent, lighter, liquid and perfume of acacia specific. It is suggested when having heart, intestinal problems, and inflammation that occur in women.

Poly floral honey domain has the amber light gives you an aroma and taste tender.

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