Honey and Aspirin Scrub to Prevent Acne

Honey and Aspirin Scrub to Prevent Acne

A new beauty homemade recipe quite effective and not very expensive: the scrub with honey and aspirin.

wild honey

Honey is known for:

  • Promote skin hydration
  • Accelerate the healing and regeneration of cells
  • Fight against inflammation
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria because it is a potent bacteriostatic


Aspirin, also known as acetylsalicylic acid name, thanks to its anti-inflammatory action among others, will promote the unblocking of channels sebum and allow better and faster removal of blackheads and acne.

The exfoliating action of acetylsalicylic acid, effective and much kinder to the skin than AHA fruit acids present in many peels.

The recipe for this scrub is quite simple: in a bowl, lather two effervescent aspirin by adding a few drops of water. Do not melt literally aspirin, it should keep a little lumpy as all scrubs made ​​from small balls … Then, add a teaspoon of honey and stir the mixture.

On a slightly damp skin before, apply the mask using a brush preferably taking care to avoid the eye area. To take advantage of the benefits of honey and aspirin, keep the mask for ten minutes. Then gently massage the skin in circular as you would for scrub movements. Finally, rinse the skin.

You will see that over time, the skin becomes more freshness and clarity and skin texture is refined and improved and can prevent you from having acne in the future.

29. August 2013 by Honey Mask for Acne
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