Honey can really cure acne

Honey can really cure acne

Honey maskWhile this may seem old-fashioned, the answer to the query “can really cure acne honey?”Yes. While the severity of your signs and symptoms and your own biochemistry are mitigating factors, anti-bacterial attributes in honey can do wonders to relieve an outbreak of acne.

What is the main cause of acne?

When the pores (small holes in the skin) are clogged, acne develops. The oily substance that is secreted by the sebaceous gland known as sebum is the main cause of blackheads, pimples, whiteheads and other acne symptoms that rob us of our skin apparent and beautiful. Due to hormonal changes caused by puberty, adolescents and adolescents are particularly prone to acne as these changes stimulate the production of sebum, but the real problem arises when the pores clogged with sebum become infected. Bacteria trapped in clogged pores can transform a whitehead or blackheads on a button pus filled.

The anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties of honey

Honey can cure acne because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Hydrogen peroxide is released slowly from honey, because it has a component organic acid. It also speaks of the honey used as a topical treatment for burns and cuts for a long time now. While the discovery of antibiotics in the 40s displaced the use of honey in modern medicine, honey is still a useful and natural choice for the treatment of benign bacterial infection such as acne.

Cleans pores sticky honey

There are many pharmaceutical products on the market that integrates the useful effects of honey. This is because honey can really generate a visual impact, especially because of its sticky quality. That the honey does get inside your pores and comply with dirt is then removed once the honey is washed.

The organic honey or medicinal

When hunting for the right to use honey to treat acne, it would be much better to think of organic honey or untreated on generic brands. The difficulty with table honey you find in most grocery stores is that the steam heat treatment of honey undergoes destroys enzymes that can produce peroxide natural organic honey.

Apply honey on your face

Once you have identified the best type of honey you can in principle be applied to infected areas of your face by rubbing honey into your skin with clean hands. Leave the honey on your face for ten to twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water. After topical application of honey quality biological or medical in infected areas daily for a week to ten days you should see some improvement. Bear in mind that the results are the same from one person to another and if your acne is severe, it’s best to seek help from a medical professional.

Acne treatment with natural honey and organic is a good way to approach skin care with little risk. You can get organic honey, either online or in your local grocery store. Tasting a little nip of honey once you have finished taking care of your skin is not totally disapproved it.

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