Honey Mask, Yeast and Olive Oil

Honey Mask, Yeast and Olive Oil

Honey Mask for AcneThere are many natural remedies and a bunch of recipes to make simple home masks. Honey mask for acne invites you to discover an old recipe grandmother to tighten facial pores and get rid of acne: just a little honey, yeast and olive oil to change everything!


Pores: a fatality?

Indeed, the accumulation of excess sebum causes the appearance of blackheads which oxidize on contact with air. They become all black forming what is known in the popular jargon of blackheads. Until then, the pores were of normal size … But now, the skin pores love the fat sebum. Result: They feed on the excess fat and clog. They then end up being fully dilated … Fortunately; blackheads and enlarged pores are not an irreversible problem! Some recipes can literally change your life.


Homemade honey mask for acne


– A teaspoon of baking powder

– Olive Oil

– Honey


Mix 1 tablespoon of honey in a packet of baking powder. Once the homogeneous mixture, add a little olive oil. Apply the mask on the face. If you have dry skin, leave on for 10 minutes. If you have oily skin, leave at least 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.


Benefits of honey mask, yeast and olive oil


This homemade mask recipe is ideal for all skin types. The yeast acts as a natural astringent that cleanses pores clogged with sebum fat. Result: large pores are tightened. Honey is a loyal ally to the skin and is of different ways. It breaks the defenses set up by bacteria wanting to spread the acne pimples on the face. It accelerates the healing process of buttons and gum effectively acne scars. Honey helps tighten pores of the face. Olive oil is a real natural skin moisturizer … It is an important ingredient that gives the skin the hydration it needs! If the skin is not sufficiently hydrated, it begins to produce excess sebum to compensate for its lack of clear water.


The combination of these ingredients is perfectly adequate. The recipe for homemade mask is natural, easy to make and very effective to tighten the pores of the face.






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