Honey the ideal acne treatment

Honey the ideal acne treatment

The benefits of honey for skin full of wonderful surprises

Benefits-of-honeyWhen you discover the benefits of honey, it can be difficult later to do without it.

In fact, honey is a product that we think too little, and has yet to virtues incredible beauty of the skin.

Honey is rich in vitamins (C, B), minerals (such as potassium) and amino acids, ideal components to nourish the skin and make it more beautiful.

The benefits of honey do not stop there. In fact, honey contains many antioxidants, which will allow to effectively fighting against free radicals: an ideal way to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the effect of wrinkles.

Honey helps to moisturize the skin effectively, and all types of skins are concerned!

The benefits of honey recipes

Here are some recipes that prove the benefits of honey.

Face cleaning:

Mix honey with almonds and powdered do a face mask.

Hydrating mask:

Mix two tablespoons of honey with two teaspoons of whole milk. Spread the paste obtained on the face and throat and let stand 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water, then cold water.

Firming mask:

Mix together one tablespoon of honey with one egg white, a teaspoon of glycerin and about 30 grams of flour. Spread on face, leave for fifteen minutes and rinse with warm water.


If your skin is very dry and you sometimes dry patches in some places, mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice. Apply to the desired location and rinse after fifteen minutes.

Balm for chapped lips and for acne:

Simply spread the high quality honey, its antibacterial properties are powerful. To learn more about natural remedies against acne: the best treatments against Acne.

Do you know of Manuka honey? Honey is considered the best in the world, both in terms of its sweet taste, sweet and pleasant, but also for its beneficial effects on the skin.

What is the best honey?

This honey is produced only in New Zealand, as the Manuka is a type of shrub that is found only there.

Sure, it’s a long, but also extraordinary properties, you can change and try … just once.

Where to find the Manuka honey? The best way you would get a look on Amazon. I have selected for you the honey pot that I bought myself, and I enjoy with … not mentioning my skin stays young and sparkles … Here Manuka honey that I recommend.

Try it and see the benefits of honey are also at your fingertips.

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