How to Clean your Skin Naturally with Honey?

How to Clean your Skin Naturally with Honey?

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You suffer from acne and you’ve tried anything and everything to get rid of it, natural remedies is the best medicine for your problem, honey can help you fight against the battle of acne and win it, here’s how.


  • Go to your grocery store to get honey. You should carefully read the labels on the box of honey, before deciding which one to take. Make sure you buy honey is natural and 100% pure.


  • Instead of spending a fortune for various treatments that contain astringents such as benzoyl peroxide, so use honey which is a natural ingredient. Give it a try and, for some time, replace all your treatments with honey.


  • With regard to cleaning the face, take a washcloth or other wash cloth and moisten it with warm water. Then place it on your face: it will allow pores to expand. Be careful that your hands are clean.


  • Open the box of honey and take a small amount with your fingers and gently massage the spread honey all over your face using circular motions. For best results, leave the honey on your face for 10 minutes, so that it penetrates the pores to kill bacteria.


  • Finally, wash your face with warm water and finally with cold water to allow your pores to close. Repeat these steps every day until you have a clear skin.


Use honey to clean your face which is very beneficial: it cleans and tightens pores, reduces sebum and prevents wrinkles. Buy good honey 100% natural, unfiltered!

08. July 2013 by Honey Mask for Acne
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