Manuka oil and honey for acne

Manuka oil and honey for the treatment of adult acne

Manuka oil and manuka honey is used as an effective treatment against acne, especially for the treatment of adult acne.

Manuka Honey MaskPeople have been using the medicinal properties of honey healing for thousands of years. Natural honey is used in traditional medicine to cure respiratory diseases, joint pain and conditions, including the treatment of adult acne skin. Healing manuka honey, made from the tea tree plant in New Zealand, Leptospermum scoparium, was found to be much more potent antibacterial than other honeys. The essential oil extracted from the same plant, manuka oil is also rich in cleansing and healing properties, it can be used as an acne treatment safe and effective.

Treatment of adult acne naturally

Acne is basically an inflammatory skin condition caused by bacteria that becomes trapped within the skin, usually by oil. Although it is generally associated with adolescence, many people are now exploring different ways to treat adult acne, such as following diet acne or experience a natural acne treatment.

Naturally oily skin, hormonal imbalance or medication menstrual cycle, allergies, stress and diet all contribute to adult acne Escapes. Harsh creams against acne topical tend to irritate and dry the skin. Also, they are not always an effective treatment against acne, especially for the treatment of adult acne, which calls for a solution that will protect against bacteria, but also heal the skin to prevent scarring.

Healing Manuka Honey as a natural treatment of acne effective

Using manuka honey as a natural treatment of acne, this is a great way to cleanse and nourish. Professor Peter Molan, University of Waikato in New Zealand, studied the potential of this native honey is well known for its medicinal qualities by the indigenous Maori. According to BBC News article (June 8, 2004), the “healing power of honey Harnessing” by Angie Knox, Professor Molan found that manuka honey has stronger healing properties than regular honey because of unspecified phytochemical or phytochemicals known as the Unique Manuka factor (UMF).

Where all the honey is antiseptic to some extent due to the creation of hydrogen peroxide enzyme introduced by bees during honey production, the UMF is unique to the honey tree bush in New Zealand tea. Not only is the UMF antibacterial and antifungal component powerful, making manuka honey ideal for the treatment of adult acne, and other conditions, but it also acts to reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. The naturally moist environment that yields manuka honey is not desirable for bacterial growth, making manuka treatment of acne effective preventative as well.

How to use healing manuka honey for the treatment of adult acne? There are natural products that include manuka honey in their ingredients, although it is difficult to decipher how high UMF level and how great the amounts of manuka honey. Look for natural products with manuka oil from New Zealand and a UMF level above 10. Natural honey can also be applied directly as a spot acne treatment or tarnish uniformly distributed over the face as a treatment for facial acne naturally. Gently rub the honey into the skin in a circular motion, leave on up to ten minutes and rinse with cool or lukewarm water.

Manuka Honey as a natural treatment of acne effective

Extracted from the same plant tea tree in New Zealand, manuka oil is an essential oil with antibacterial and antifungal remarkable properties similar to tea tree oil made from the tea tree plant in Australia. As manuka honey, oil can be used as an effective treatment against acne that will not dry or damage the skin. The only drawback is that manuka oil has a very intense aroma.

To use manuka oil for the treatment of adult acne, do not put essential oils directly on the skin. Essential oils are highly concentrated and must be diluted. Mix a few drops in a couple ounces of witch hazel, or water and dab the skin with clean cotton or a cotton ball. The treatment of acne blemish can be used daily to treat acne and prevent this more bacteria causing skin problems.

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