Masks for a Glowing Skin

Masks for a Glowing Skin

Honey Mask for Acne: Strawberry Yogurt Face MaskStrawberry yogurt mask

Strawberries and yogurt have long been used to bleach and refine the skin.



1 handful of ripe strawberries

1tsp of almond oil

2 tsp of plain yogurt


Reduce the pureed strawberries and grind the almonds in a bowl: mix well. Add the yogurt to get a spreadable paste. Apply the mask immediately or store in the refrigerator one day more.


Masks with fresh herbs

This mask is suitable for oily skin



1tsp of chopped fresh peppermint

1tsp of chopped cabbage leaf freshly minced

1tsp of ground almonds

1 egg white


You need a mortar and pestle, a fine sieve and a spoon.


1. Crush peppermint and cabbage in a mortar to obtain a paste. Spend the extra juice into the cup, book it

2. Add the ground almonds and egg whites to the batter and beat with a whisk. Apply the mask immediately.

3. Once the mask up, tone the skin with the juice, diluted in a little boiling water. You can also refrigerate the juice and use within a day or two.


Varieties: similar masks suitable for other skin types. Thus, peppermint and cabbage , substitute for normal skin, lemon balm and cucumber , and dry skin marigold flowers and shredded carrot end , plus an egg yolk to white egg.

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