Masks for acne

Masks for acne

Recipes by skin type

A mask helps a lot to cleanse, moisturize and nourish the skin. It is highly concentrated active ingredients can penetrate the skin, thus contributing to the smooth functioning skin. It can, among other things, improve the appearance of acne and it is possible to prepare at home.

The benefits of masks

As masks contain active ingredients capable of acting on the skin, they can give a glow to the skin.

They can also improve its appearance if she suffers from acne. They can be used once a week and have several positive effects:

● moisturizing: to recreate the film hydrolipidic by the presence of moisturizing active ingredients

● cleansing properties: products capable of absorbing or cleanse to remove dead cells

● purifying removing the impurities in depth to ensure well-being and softness of the skin

● Setters effects: normalize sebum secretion to act by absorbing and restoring acid-base balance skin

● firming effects: The active ingredients cause vasodilatations, stimulating and making firmer tissues

● Smoothing and remodeling effects due to the presence of active tensors

Eight recipes homemade masks

Masks can contribute to acne treatment and there are some recipes to prepare at home.

 ● Honey Mask

Honey is a substance able to clear impurities and fight bacteria. It can also moisturize the skin without making it fatter, and it can be applied directly on the skin.

● Green Clay Mask

The clay can absorb excess sebum from the skin and eliminate toxins. It can be put directly on the skin by adding water or essential oils of lavender.

● Green clay mask, honey and yoghurt

It will take a tablespoon of green clay, a tablespoon of honey, half a pot of yogurt and a pinch of yeast. Apply for 10 minutes on the acne area.

● Mask carrot and clay

Carrot juice and 4 tablespoons of white clay that can be applied for 15 minutes on the skin

● Mask with honey, milk and clay

1 teaspoon of honey, 3 teaspoons of clay and 3 teaspoons of milk to stand for 20 minutes

● Mask Papaya

It helps fight against blackheads.

● Mask Advocate

Half a lawyer, concentrated lemon juice and olive oil that is deposited for 10 minutes.

● Mask wheat bran

3 tablespoons of wheat bran mixed with warm water and apply on the skin for about thirty minutes.

What masks are suitable for your skin type?

Most of the ingredients masks to fight against acne are based butters of mango, shea butter, sweet almond oil, argon oil or apricot. Is indicated for each skin type:

●The smoothing and moisturizing masks suitable for normal skin

●Cleaning and purifying masks are recommended for oily and / or mixed.

● Masks moisturizing, soothing and smoothing are ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

●The moisturizing and nourishing masks are effective for all skin types.

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