7 natural ways to cure acne scars

7 natural ways to cure acne scars

BEST WAY TO GET RID OF ACNEAcne is a common problem among teenagers and some adults sometimes. The scars left by acne very pronounced in adolescence are sometimes embarrassing especially the face area that is very exposed to the gaze of others.

Laser treatment is an effective way to get rid of these unsightly marks, but everyone is not entitled to be reimbursed in full the series costly interventions. However, there are numerous ways to eliminate these scars. The laser is not the only solution!

To overcome these brands, we must first be patient. There is no magic formula that makes everything disappear overnight: it takes determination and consistency in care.

Natural ways to get rid of acne scars:

remove acne naturallyDrink plenty of water: hydration is one of the most recommended measures to heal the wounds of acne. Drink plenty of water improves drainage and circulation in the blood vessels, which increases the chances of treating damaged skin layers, and the inside. 1.5 liters of water per day is a minimum.

Apply honey: It is recognized that honey is a great skin regenerator agent. You can apply honey directly on the acne scars and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse your face with cold water.

Eat tomatoes: Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A and have excellent properties for the skin, besides being a source of hydration. Eat it raw and preferably daily.

Apply Aloe Vera gel: Gel or juice of Aloe Vera is very useful in the fight against acne scars. For this plant can grow in you and extract the pulp to apply directly, or provide you with the many distributors who sell many forms.

Drink lemon juice: Lemon essentially contains citric acid, which is part of AHA who has good properties in tissue regeneration.

Apply Ice: Apply ice on the scars for 10 to 15 minutes a day can significantly activate blood circulation and therefore to treat acne scars. This does not give results in the short term we must persevere with this method.

Reduce your stress level: Stress is perceived as a major cause of acne, in addition to physiological causes related to adolescence. Stress, in a comprehensive manner, tends to reduce the ability of our body to regenerate.

In addition, and in general your health, limit your alcohol intake and follow a balanced diet rich in antioxidants (fruits and vegetables) to maximize your chances of overcoming the marks left by the acne.


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