Organic solutions to cure acne

Organic solutions to cure acne

Organic solutions to cure acneAcne is generally characterized by red pimples, pustules, caused by an overproduction of sebum. The latter is primarily due to hormonal imbalances, such as puberty, but when taking birth control pills or when blood is harmful toxins. There are natural treatments to combat them effectively.

Why should eliminate acne!

In addition to the physical effects visible on the skin, fight acne is a necessity because it can cause permanent psychological damage:

– Risk of lower self-esteem. In contact with his friends, his colleagues, his knowledge, having acne can affect its image, do we feel bad about yourself.

– Avoid a period of depression. Anyone who suffers daily psychologically, emotionally, socially, may be affected and reach a state of depression or anxiety.

– Hunt the appearance of permanent scars or brown spots. Prevent acne as soon as possible ensures that only form scars or spots seeing for several months a few years.

Eat a healthy diet

Have foods with high fiber content can help cleanse your body.

– Take more fruits and vegetables to get the nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy

– Eat foods rich in zinc to help cleanse the body tissues destroyed by acne

– Reduce foods high in saturated fats and replace them with foods that contain essential fatty acids.

– However, if your acne is due to glucose intolerance or candidiasis, you should avoid eating sugar as much as you can

– The meals can also have negative effects on the skin and collagen, due to its low content sized. The sized are very important for proper digestion. In addition, the meals contain a high concentration of iodine, which can worsen the pimples. You must be careful with foods high capacity of iodine as some fish, algae or onion.

Do not drink anything!

Beware of some sodas, energy drinks, alcohol that can increase the appearance of pimples!

– Drink at least one or two glasses of water. This will detoxify your body and eliminate toxins. Remember to clean the acne. You must have a body healthy as possible

– Take one or two glasses of carrot juice freshly prepared

– Take orange juice recently urged

– Avoid coffee, cola

Use the right care for your face

Gels, lotions, creams heal your hard officially recorded! These solutions will only push momentary problems, since acne reappear shortly after. These creams do not address the root of acne. So prefer essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, myrrh, or telling some foods beneficial to the skin.

– Wash your face with natural soap. You can also use antibacterial soap. It will eliminate the bacteria that infect clogged pores.

– After washing your face, you can apply the tea tree oil with a few drops of olive oil on the areas where you want to cure acne. For removal, use a paper towel to absorb oil

– Grate a potato that you apply on the face. Let the pieces sit for ten minutes to remove acne quickly and naturally. You can repeat the same operation with egg whites!

– Brush your infected areas of guacamole! This rich condiment that complements Mexican food can be an excellent application for treating acne. Simply apply it as such, until it dries. Then rinse with warm water.

– Grind Neem leaves dried, make a paste of turmeric and apply it onto the infected area.

– Cut a tomato in half, take a piece and rub it gently on the pimples and wash your face.

– If your skin is not too sensitive, you can whiten with lemon juice for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water and dry.

– If you are fond of herbal medicine, take you on Aloe Vera. Juice or gel, it sets all kinds of skin problems.

Prevent, treat acne is a daily struggle as a teenager, as you can see there are several remedies “homemade” that facilitate this struggle.

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