Strawberry and Honey Mask

Strawberry and Honey Mask

The skin problems are not inevitable! Some grandmother recipes are really effective: the case of home-based mask of strawberries and honey.


Honey Mask for Acne: Honey and Strawberry MaskWhy do I have blackheads and acne?

Sebum is an essential body fat to protect the skin from various daily aggressions. But here … Excess sebum is a real nightmare for some people causing skin problems rather uncomfortable: blackheads, enlarged pores, skin that glows … Indeed, the excessive accumulation of sebum produced the appearance of blackheads. In contact with air, it oxidizes and becomes black; it then forms what is commonly called a blackhead, a nightmare. The pores are crazy fat! They feed on the sebum then eventually become clogged. Result: the pores are dilated!


Blackheads and enlarged pores to give skin a lackluster grain lack of sharpness and consistency. To find a real baby’s skin, we found an old recipe of Grandma!


Recipe for homemade mask to clear blackheads and acne


– 300 grams of strawberries

– 2 tablespoons of honey


Crush and mix the strawberries washed beforehand. Add 2 tablespoons of honey. Once the mixture is ready, apply it on the face. Let stand 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.


Then moisten cloth (a towel for example) cold water. To tighten pores, then apply the wet cloth over your face for a few minutes.


Mask Actions and results

Your kitchen is filled with wonderful treasures for your skin! The combination of strawberries and honey mask recipe is an astringent home mask. The astringent mask tightens facial pores and improves circulation; it gives the skin radiance and visibly uniform grain.


The strawberry itself has an astringent to the skin aging and limiting giving immediate Healthy Glow effect. Honey is a real natural miracle product: it helps to unclog pores clogged with sebum, promotes healing of any buttons, and prevents spots become infected and removes acne scars on the face hereof. Another compelling under the honey acts as a powerful antioxidant and thus prevents the oxidation of blackheads. With honey, blackheads do not stand for long!

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