The Benefits of Honey for Skin Beauty

The Benefits of Honey for Skin Beauty


It helps to keep the skin soft and hydrated and prevents dryness. It has been known since antiquity where women regularly applied a mixture of honey and milk on the face to keep skin young, radiant and smooth.

Honey is a natural antioxidant: it protects the skin against damage from the sun, it slows down the aging of cells, keeps the skin fresh and young.

Honey is also known for its antibacterial properties: Honey absorbs impurities from the pores on the skin, making it an ideal cleanser especially for acne-prone skin agent.


How to use honey for skin care?

Soak 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey in your hand or in the microwave, and use it to clean the face once or twice a day.

Apply a little honey on a task that you want to lighten. Keep in your hand to warm the honey before applying.

Add a little honey to your bath for a skin soft and fragrant.

Apply honey on cuts and scratches on the body to prevent infection and promote healing. Honey is an effective antibacterial and it is a perfect remedy against acne

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