Thyme and Honey

Thyme and Honey

Thyme honey for rapid healing and clean

Thyme honey is an excellent auxiliary to help the healing of wounds, whether simple cuts, wounds or serious or even infected. The point of this remedy:

Healing acne with honeyUse of honey as a healing:

The use of honey as an adjunct to healing is very old, but back in force, both in the so-called “advanced” than in developing countries, where access to antibiotics is limited because of costs and / or their availability.

Honey has antibacterial property naturally (it is a disinfectant), antifungal (prevents mold growth). Liquid form it is easy to apply to wounds, and helps to keep moisture promotes healing (yes, contrary to popular belief, a wound heals better and faster when kept moist rather than dry).

CHU Limoges, serving abdominal surgery, honey is regularly used as an aid to healing, after you have cleaned the wound with saline, nurses apply a compress soaked in honey directly on the wound, the dressing is then covered a sterile gauze for protection. Dressings are changed every day. The rate of healing is improved by more than 10% after two weeks, but more importantly, there is no need for additional antiseptic treatment…

In Africa, a two-year study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of honey in wound healing. The results are clear: 100% healing, including complicated cases (the study focused on different cases, including cases of infected surgical wounds and venous ulcers) despite high risk factors (diabetes, obesity under nutrition, HIV infection), treatment was effective. Finally, in the context of the study, it was demonstrated disappearance of bacterial germs very effective (after 15 days of treatment, there was a decrease of more than 60% of germs, 90% after 30 days 99% after 45 days).

Why thyme honey rather than another?

Thyme has antiseptic properties and antiviral proven.

It is commonly used in herbal medicine (ground form, in capsules or tablets) in the treatment of lung infections and digestive (including treatment of diarrhea). Its antiviral qualities make it a valuable ally in the prevention of recurrent herpes simplex and herpes zoster.

Form of essential oil, thyme is very effective in treating skin purification spray (including acne story, in this case the antibacterial effects of thyme prevent the appearance of white spots (pockets of bacteria)).

The active ingredients of thyme are contained mainly in the flower, so it is natural that the focus when foraging bees, making honey thyme honey variety of the most effective.

Helps the healing process, but OK for what types of wounds?

Thyme honey provides effective help in all types of healing, but especially the types of wounds following:

  • Scars associated with acne vulgaris: use at the onset of symptoms of acne as a mask. Applying honey, let stand 1/2 hour, then wash. Repeat daily until disappearance of acne, and complete attenuation of scars. This treatment can be performed in addition to medication type “roaccutane”, allowing lower doses and reduce the secondary effects of the drug (backache, muscle and joint pain, dry skin …). Honey leaves the skin very soft, and its effects are visible after the first application (typically after three applications, there is an improvement).
  • Burns: honey greatly accelerates the reconstruction of the skin (start healing accelerated significantly). By its antibacterial affect it also helps to protect the wound.
  • Ulcer type sores: especially in the case of venous ulcers, the wound is much better protected and disinfected. Healing starts much faster (usually within a week) and shorter duration (disappearance of red patches faster).
  • Infected wounds: including in people with weak immune system (diabetes, patients with HIV), there was a sharp decrease bacterial germs within a few days, which allows healing in good conditions.

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