Treat your acne

Treat your acne

Honey masks for acneHope has always existed in the hearts of acne sufferers with the belief that there are actually home remedies for acne. Well, do not worry my fellow victims of acne, as I have with me three effective remedies acne tied to help you become more confident and radiant once more and live in the open atmosphere of this beautiful planet.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get down with my 3 favorite home cures for acne.

– Honey

Follow the simple rule of drinking honey and honey port day. By doing this routine, the acceleration process termination acne will become a daily routine and to get the skin a radiant attractive.

PS: The use of honey does not mean that you literally wear instead of your clothes! You need to apply honey on the infected areas on your skin.

Do not skip honey as a remedy because it may not be homemade, but it sure is a very effective remedy for acne at home.

– Cucumber juice grated

This may sound like something that works for women, but it is not! It works on both sexes. The application of grated cucumber juice on the infected areas is highly recommended treatment of acne and it is more effective to get rid of blackheads.

– Sandalwood Paste and Basil.

Sandalwood and basil paste is a very effective remedy for acne at home and it also helps to improve your skin and reduce the visibility of acne scars. Apply this paste on the skin for 10-15 minutes until it dries and then you can wash it.

In conclusion of this short article, I put at your disposal three effective home cures acne, honey, cucumber juice and grated sandalwood + Basil Paste. It is up to you to begin to take action or wait for miraculous healing.

By following these three home remedies for acne you are probably very close to an acne free skin and a better quality life and confident.

30. January 2017 by Honey Mask for Acne
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