Tips for Using Manuka honey for acne

Tips for Using Manuka honey for acne

5 Tips for Using Manuka honey for acne

Manuka honey is getting more press coverage for its natural healing properties of large and growing number of people. Is that is a useful natural product to use for acne! Is it any good for acne, and what is the best way to use it!

First let’s go and covers up some important points. Unfortunately, there are some elements of over-hype and misleading promotion of honey now. Fortunately, there are ways for you to sort the genuine article of the person who is not.

The first important point is that not all manuka honey is the same. This is simply a fact of nature. Manuka honey has earned its reputation for healing based on solid scientific evidence of extra unique antibacterial properties. However, only some of which is in fact the product contains special additional properties and even then the power level varies naturally.

To protect consumers and ensure that they receive the same quality of product that is based on research, there is an industry standard for manuka honey UMF. Only a few honey meets the standard to use the UMF ® trademark on its label (as opposed to implying about it in marketing). The UMF ® standard not only the non-peroxide antibacterial additional power in the honey action, but consists of a wider quality standard, for example also does not allow the use of artificial boost (which handles reading activity).

The only exception is for quality products that have specific medical approval through a separate formal.

If the honey is only labeled as “active”, the problem is that some companies use it to measure the activity of hydrogen peroxide, or total activities, which are not equal to the rating of UMF (which is that supports research behind manuka honey). All types of honey are active to some extent.

Tip 1

Apply medical grade manuka honey directly in damaged area. This puts the unique antibacterial properties and healing powers in direct action on the infected area. It also provides very good moisturizing properties further. The only drawback is a practical level, such as using pure honey.

Tip 2

Eating Manuka honey is good for you, but will have an indirect (rather than direct) on all acne. By increasing your digestive system, it helps to turn your body to help itself. Do not expect a quick solution to take the honey internally, but it can help in a campaign of global health.

Tip 3

When applying medical grade honey directly on the acne is not appropriate or practical, look to use a good quality manuka honey based on skin care range that will be gentle on sensitive skin and is completely natural. Beware of just “manuka” on the label, consider what quality of honey they use and to what extent (some products simply use an extract of honey, or a minimum so they can put this popular name on the label).

Tip 4

Keep all other good skin care activity, Healthy Eating, drinking water. The manuka qualities are good, but treat it as a miracle cure all on its own. You still want to try to reduce the acne reappear.

Tip 5

This honey can also help reduce scarring, so keep applying as acne improves to fully support the healing process. More Remember that it is a natural humectants, provides good hydration benefits when used.

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