What Natural Remedy Against Acne

What Natural Remedy Against Acne

Acne is something as common in adolescents than in adults. It’s never nice to have acne pimples and that is why we always do everything in our power to make them disappear. Many treatments exist, but what about when you want to have a more natural remedy from? Well, it is quite possible! Here are some good natural remedies to fight acne!


Some good natural treatments against acne

Several small natural solutions can be used to fight acne. First, you can take zinc. Many people who suffer from acne have a deficiency of zinc in their system. Zinc supplements are therefore a good way to help you! But you should consult a physician for proper recommended for your type of acne dose.

Then you can apply a little vinegar or lemon juice directly on your pimples! These are very effective in cleaning the pores of your skin and get rid of those nasty pimples.

If you are a woman and you tend to make more buttons during your period, you should know that you can turn to a plant which is called chaste tree. You take one or two cups a day of this natural plant and it will be perfect to regulate your hormones! You can find this plant in a shop of natural products.


Honey mask against acne

Here’s an old natural remedy against acne. To do this, you only need a bit of nutmeg and a little honey. Mix a teaspoon nutmeg with a tablespoon of honey. You will only have to apply this mixture on your pimples. Wait twenty minutes and rinse your face. It should help your acne. Moreover, honey has antiseptic properties. If you do not have these ingredients, you can also apply aloe Vera gel. In a few days your skin will be much better!


Use clay as a natural remedy

To treat your acne naturally, you can actually use clay. Whether green or white, it does not matter. Why clay is good? Well, simply because it absorbs sebum that contributes to the appearance of buttons. To help you make your skin, clay masks every week! You can buy ready-made in-store or make one yourself by mixing powdered clay with a little water!

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